Hardware Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Software is enhancing every year, which is making it harder for old computer hardware to keep up. We provide on-site computer consulting for those who need it. All you have to do is tell us what you wish to achieve with your system and we'll make sure you get what you need for the lowest prices on the market! 

Virus Removal newcastle

Virus and Spyware Removal

The World Wide Web is a dangerous place if you don't know how to protect your personal data from viruses and spyware. Luckily for YOU, the customer, we have the answer! 

Computer tune up service package

Computer Tune-ups 

We come to you to tune up your PC. Includes: Deleting junk files, removing out-dated software, optimizing start-up programs for quick boot, defragging hard-drives, and more for only $100!

Onsite Computer Repairs Newcastle

Does your computer need fixing or do you need a computer component replaced but can't get out of the office or home? With our on-site service we come to you with no travel fees! 

On-Site Service

Hardware diagnosis
Reliable Services

Need Hardware?

If your system isn't running like it should or is playing up; we'll have it up and running as soon as possible! 


Reliable Services 

Need a specific computer component? We will find the right one for the cheapest price! We will also install it for half the normal price! 

Data Backups

Data Back-ups On-Site

Whether you are changing Operating System or getting a completely new computer; we  have a back up solution for all of your personal and professional data. For only $50 we'll have all it backed up onto a storage device of your choosing! (Extra charges may apply for additional services) 

Computer Repairs Newcastle

New parts, Fault testing

There isn't anything more frustrating than buying new hardware or software and it doesn't function as intended. We'll do everything we can to have it working how you want and if we can't do it on-site we can bring it back to our site to use the high-end testing equipment and then deliver it back to you within the week! 


Custom PC Builds

Need a computer system that will do everything you need? Want a pimped out PC for the lowest price? Look no further! 
You tell us what you wish to achieve and how you want it to look and we will make sure that you get it for a lower price than most other custom PC builders!